Empowering students by teaching them emerging technologies

Robotics, Embedded systems, Computer Vision, Machine learning are changing your world as you read this.

Lema Labs @ IIT Madras Research Park

Lema Labs is a company founded by IIT Alumni under the guidance of faculty members of IIT Madras.

We are striving to build an ecosystem for emerging technologies by providing support to stakeholders which include student community, educational institutions and the industry.

Kaizen Robotics Program

With the guidance of faculty members at IIT Madras we have developed a 2 year long curriculum which aims at teaching students emerging technologies.


Our curriculum covers areas ranging from basic robotics to advanced areas such as computer vision, controls theory, machine learning etc.

Need to Adapt

Robotics and embedded systems is estimated to grow to a $ 14.4 billion industry in India. Most organizations are not equipped for leveraging this growth for development of students. We are empowering students and organizations for this paradigm shift.

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Performance and Partners

Our Mentors and Advisors

TS Natarajan

Dr. TS Natarajan is a Professor in the department of Physics at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. He is one of the 10 most popular professors on YouTube. He has been doing immense research in the field of Conducting polymers, Molecular electronics, Instrumentation. Dr. TS Natarajan has been in our board of advisors since its inception.

LS Ganesh

Ganesh LS is the Professor at Department of Management Studies (DOMS) and is Dean of Students at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. He has been a key member of several national-level projects sponsored by ISRO and MHRD, and also of international projects concerning Integrated Coastal Zone Management sponsored by the World Bank and the UNDP. He strongly believes that India and Indians have exceptional capabilities that require well directed and intensely focused organizational efforts to enable them to fully flow and result in inspiring, peerless and timeless achievements.

Arul Dev

Arul Dev is an engineer from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, India. He founded People First (www.peoplefirst.co.in) in February 1995, which focuses on recruitment, training and consultancy. He leads the recruitment team based out of Chennai, which focuses on middle and senior management hiring. The selection process is increasingly being centered on an Aspiration centered approach.

Senthil Nathan

A graduate of State University of New York and IIT Madras, Senthil Nathan is a life-long entrepreneur with wide-ranging experience in multiple global technology-related businesses, with major strengths in product development/deployment and engineering management. He founded one of IITM's first start-up ventures, way back in the 80's. He is an active member of the IIT Madras Entrepreneurship Forum, one of the ventures of IITM's Alumni Association, and serves as mentor to a number of start-up and technology based companies.

Lema Labs Team

Kedar Kulkarni

Kedar graduated from IIT Madras in 2012. He currently heads execution at Lema Labs. While at IIT, he was a part of the team that represented India at the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) in 2009 and 2010. He is also the founder of Computer Vision Group, the first student-consulting group at IIT Madras. He is a senior partner at HyperVerge. He loves long hours at office, bike trips, good food and yoga.

Pawan Gnana Raj

Pawan Gana Raj heads the Robotics and Operations team at Lema Labs. He holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication from KCG College of Technology. Being passionate about technical education and making technology accessible to students, he has been associated with Lema Labs for the past two years. His projects have recieved funding from Department of Science and Technology and has also been actively involved in mentoring students on Robotics and Embedded Systems projects.

Jeswin Arul Samuel

Jeswin is an ECE graduate from KCG College of Technology. He is the newest addition to the Lema team. Coming from a strong technical background he has an immense passion for teaching. He loves exploring different foods and a hard core gamer. He loves football and juggles training, HR and research at Lema.

Sohil Mehta

Sohil graduated in Electronics and Communcation from MNM Jain Engineering College. He has worked on several projects involving AVR microcontrollers and Arduino. He has always held a fascination for Physics and Robotics and loves getting to the bottom of it. He is a budding singer and performs in several shows around Chennai during the Weekends .

Puneet Murthika

Puneet holds a Masters degree in Robotcs Engineering from SRM University. Being associated with Lema Labs for a year, he currently heads the Business Development Team and is on the forefront of the initiative to spread awareness about Robotics education. He also currently heads the Fundraising wing of Guardians of Dreams (Chennai) and is also the co-founder of a Hyderabad based E-magazine startup called StudentLive.He has earlier also worked in the fundraisng wing of Make A Difference(Chennai). He loves comics and is a Parkour enthusiast.

Yashas BD

Yashas completed his M.Tech in Industrial Automation and Robotics from NIE, Mysore. He enjoys working on embedded software and has worked with several industrial robots. He loves wildlife, enjoys bike riding and practises Isha Yoga

Parthiban A

Parthiban is currently pursuing his Masters in Embedded System Technologies from College of Engineering, Guindy. He is our Senior Business Development Executive at Lema Labs. Coming from a vivid technical background and having worked on several projects, he has taken several workshops and guest lectures in various enginerring colleges. Additionally Parthi is a Batsman-cum-wicket keeper - Well we have a 'Keeper' in him.

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