Kaizen Robotics Program

2 Month Intensive Training

Project Prototype Competition

4 Month Guidance Program

1 – Display Devices

Interfacing Display Devices

Revision – Analog to Digital Conversion

Hands-on skills required – Soldering

Final assembly

2 – Advanced ADC

Various Analog sensors

Interfacing Analog sensors

Using relays as switches

Simple ADC projects

Final assembly

3 – Servo Motor Control

Basics of Timers

Different timer modes

Controlling of a servo

Robotic arm

Final assembly

4 – USART Basics

Introduction to communication

Serial Communication

Circuit Building

5 – Wired Communication

Communication between 2 MuC

Communication between PC and robot

MAX 232 and communication protocols

Packaging data

Final assembly

6 – Wireless Communication

Basics Wireless communication

Encoding – Decoding data

Wireless communication protocols

Building wireless computer

controlled robot

Guidance Program

4 Months
Kaizen students are provided guidance for technical projects and competitions . We provide both remote support and in-person assistance. Students can also approach us at our office at IIT Madras.

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Email support @ lemalabs.com

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