Kaizen Robotics Program

Kaizen Curriculum

Kaizen Robotics Program is a certificate program to provide students with a steep learning curve in the field of robotics. Our program comprises of Intensive Training program conducted in the college and additional support which will be provided to students through our office at IIT Madras. Till now, more than 4000 students have been trained under the Kaizen Robotics Program. Our clients include few of the best technical institutes in Chennai.

Lema Labs team, with the guidance of faculty members at IIT Madras, has developed a 2 year long program or course which aims at teaching students emerging technologies.

Preparatory Programs


Logic Gates Actuators Microcontrollers Pulse Width Modulation Analog to Digital

Advanced ADC Communication Embedded boards Display Devices Robotic ARM


Computer Vision
Using OpenCVlibrary
Control Systems
PIDcontrol Inverted Pendulum
Machine Learning
Implementation of ANN SVM
Industrial Automation
Use of PLCs OPen and closed feedback loops
Cloud Deployment
Ubiquitous Computing Reporting & Dashboards

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