Intensive Training

Top trainers will conduct intensive hands-on learning sessions at IIT Madras Research Park. Students will be provided hands-on learning to make more than 10 robots. All required resources such as components, resource booklets, softwares, etc will be provided to the students.

Guidance Program

Kaizen students will be provided guidance to participate in robotics competitions and technical projects. This guidance will be provided through hangout sessions, hangout seminars, in-person meeting, etc. This guidance will be provided for 4 months post intensive training program.
– Hobby / Research Projects
– Participation in Competitions
– Project funding and Product development


Manually Controlled Robot using DPDT switches


Edge follower using two sensors             – Not gate


Light following robot  using LDR
– LDR Sensor using transistor
– Not gate
Line follower robot using L293D
– Vcc and Gnd
– IR Sensor
– L293d
– 7805
– Motors
– Switches
Obstacle avoider using L293D
– IR Sensor building using comparator
– L293D


A very elaborate kit of components required to build the robot will be provided to a team of 3 students. Necessary resources such as theory booklets, practice handouts, necessary softwares, online tutorials and other resource materials will be made available to the students.


Participants will be certified by Lema Labs and IIT Madras Alumni Association

Note: A team by default will consist of 3 members, if a participant wants to take part as two member or a single member team, kindly contact the number below.

Program Fee

  • Fee for the program is INR 6500/- (inclusive of all taxes) per participant.
  • A student must pay an advance of INR 1500/- to confirm the registration and pay the remaining fee on the first day of the program.
  • Payment once done will be non-refundable.

*Limited seats only

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Queries: / 9543425898, 8056603335

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