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Video demonstration of the robot

Brief Description:

An All-Terrain Robot is a robot which can traverse any terrain. This robot was designed to climb a staircase with steps at a height of 10 cm. We have used a caterpillar track over a pair of three wheels on each side to help the Robot climb all the terrains.

Components used:


Staircase Climbing:

In-case of staircase, the Robot starts to climb using caterpillar track belt connected to the wheels. Due to the length of the robot and the six wheels i.e. three wheels on each side of the robot, it climbs easily without any disturbances.


The Robot is manually controlled using a DPDT Switch. The movement of the robot depends on the conditions given below:


When both the switches are pressed up, the Robot moves Forward.


When both the switches are pressed down, the Robot moves Reverse.

Case 3: RIGHT

When the Left switch is pressed up and the Right Switch is pressed down, the Robot takes a Right turn.

Case 4: LEFT

When the Left switch is pressed down and the Right Switch is pressed up, the Robot takes a Left turn.

Challenges Faced:

We tried a few designs of wheels and wheel belts like Spiked wheel belt, Three Legged wheel etc.. which failed. The caterpillar track wheel was the successful model.

Recommendation for Future Development:

Due to the limitation of time, there are still many aspects in the project which can be improved further. Some of them are
1. Manual controlled can be changed to wireless controlled.
2. Design of wheels to climb any staircase.


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