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Learn to control & monitor anything from anywhere with this 2 days online hands-on workshop.

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IoT Workshop - Lema Labs

Why Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT is predicted to be one of the next big thing in technology. It is defined as the network of physical objects – devices, vehicles, buildings and other items – embedded with sensors, electronics, software and network connectivity that enables these objects to get the ability to sense and communicate.

There are now about 4.6 billion connected devices excluding phones, tablets and laptops. A number that is expected to increase to 15.3 billion in the next five years according to the Ericsson Mobility report. A recent study released by Gartner says that 43% of all companies are using or plan to implement an IoT application and that’s Industry 4.0

Get started with IoT with this 2 days hands-on workshop.

Controlling devices using Google Assistant

Monitoring Sensor data from anywhere



Live interactive & Instructor-led


Work with NodeMCU


Build Apps using MIT App Inventor


Google Assistant based project


IoT Hardware Kit delivered


Arduino Programming


Send Sensor data to Cloud


Complete 4+ real world projects



Day 1

  • Basics of Arduino Programming.
  • HTML Coding basics.
  • Node MCU development Kit – Description.
  • Creating a Webpage.
  • Creating a Server on Node MCU.
  • Controlling of IO peripheral on Node MCU using Webpage.
  • Building Android Apps using MIT App Inventor

Day 2

  • Working with IFTTT.
  • MQTT Protocol.
  • Using Adafruit IO.
  • Sending Sensor Values to cloud server.
  • Controlling of IO over the Internet.
  • Google Assistant based IO Control.
  • Home Automation and Smart Plant Demo.

Workshop Details


Who can join?

College students


Faculty Members

Working Professionals

What's in the Kit?

NodeMCU Development Board

LDR Sensor Module

Relay Module

USB Cable & Jumper Wires

Workshop Fees


Includes 2 days of training,
IoT hardware kit delivered to your address & 18% GST

Upcoming Batches

Stay tuned for dates!

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Group Discount

Register as a group of 5 members and avail Rs.200 discount for each person.

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What our learners are saying

I’ve attended their IoT workshop. Overall, it’s been a wonderful experience. Day 1 started with simple projects, majorly getting hands on Arduino and NodeMCU. At the end of 2 days, we built a simple home automation project with Google Assistant. Definitely a good way to start getting your hands dirty. Highly recommend for all kinds of people.

Student, IIT Madras

I’ve attended Internet of Things (IoT) workshop. The way of presentation and hands-on exercise are really good and helpful too. Expecting level 2 workshop!

Arun Raj Natarajan

Technical Lead, Standard Chartered - Global Business Services

The approach of training is good as they started from the basics and helped us to develop example projects with hands-on. The trainers are very friendly and clear each and every doubts. Totally Learned and Enjoyed the 2 days IOT training.


Student, VVCE Mysuru

Yeah, the class was extraordinary, fantabulous and I had full fun while working on it. It
made us to show more interest towards IoT. Especially the trainers made us to
understand the concepts very well. Seriously, I want to learn and create more stuff using
IoT with the help of Lema Labs.


Student, Sairam Engineering College

Frequently asked questions

Should I have any prior knowledge to join?

Not necesarrily. You will learn the electronics and programming during the workshop from basics.

I'm not from engineering background. Can I join?

Yes. This course is designed considering all the participants are new to technology. It starts from fundamentals and you will work with all very important concepts in IoT.

How to register for this program?

You can register online through our website by paying the workshop fee and get your slot.

How should I pay the course fee?

You can pay the course fee online using the register now button.

What's in the IoT Kit?

The kit consits of NodeMCU development board, USB cable, LDR Sensor module, Relay Module & Jumper wires.

When will I receive the IoT kit?

We ship the kits in a batch atleast 10 days before the workshop date to make sure it reaches you on time.

How can I track the status of Kit Shipped?

Once the kit is shipped our team will share the tracking details with you. You can track using it.

Will I get any support even after the workshop?

Yes. You can get in touch with our trainers & mentors for any projects & competitions. We would be happy to help!

Have any questions or need assistance?

You can reach out to us at support@lemalabs.com or call us at +91 8056603335

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